Last Minute Escape

grandbazaar {Lanterns |Photo Source}

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately.  It feels like time is flying by and I haven’t been able to keep up.  Or maybe it’s really because I’ve been hibernating from this terrible Winter.  You know me, I always try to stay positive and to see the glass half full but this is ridiculous.  I hate to complain but let me vent for just a second.  During these last two weeks with the incessant snow storms, I feel like my creativity has been drained.  I’ve been feeling lethargic and blue.  The only cure I came up with is a spontaneous trip.  Can you guess where?  I’ll give you one hint: Grand Bazaar (like the photo above).  So please forgive me for the lack of posts these last couple of weeks.  I will give you a full report on my last minute escape next Tuesday when I return.

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  1. Bubble Girl says:

    Fabulous photo! Safe travels xx

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