Butterfly Kitchen Decor – 10 Whimsical Ideas

Butterfly Kitchen Decor

Butterflies have a way of bringing a smile to our faces, don’t they?

The way they flutter without a care in the world somehow makes us all feel a little lighter.

So if you’re a butterfly lover, then what better way to enjoy those whimsical feelings all year long than adding some butterfly themed kitchen decor to your home?

We’ve rounded up a fun and feel-good collection of butterfly kitchen accessories you’ll love.

1. Butterfly Kitchen Apron

Vibrant and colorful, this linen apron is both hand and machine washable. It’s soft to the touch and lightweight so it’ll be a breeze to wear while you’re cooking or baking. Featuring adjustable straps, it’s got an extra long design making it suitable for most body types.

Besides its comfort and wearability, it’s also useful and features a chest pocket that can hold small utensils and freeing up your hands for other purposes.

2. Butterfly Kitchen Baskets

This adorable basket is handmade with yarn and plastic canvas. It’s great for a variety of uses in the kitchen from holding napkins to coasters and more. Add this eye popping piece to your kitchen table and get your guests talking!

3. Butterfly Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

These beautiful cabinet knobs are painted with soft pastels of blue, pink and gold. They add a splash of springtime to any kitchen and are a snap to install. Don’t miss out on your chance to add these cute accents to your home.

4. Butterfly Kitchen Canisters

These beautiful kitchen canisters are made from durable earthenware. Manufactured by Certified International, a world leader in ceramic tableware, they’re part of the “Nature Garden” collection. The butterflies are raised, giving them a 3D appearance. Designer Susan Winget added style to these unique pieces with calligraphy, flowers and of course, butterflies.

5. Butterfly Kitchen Clock

If you love Shabby Chic, then this is a clock you’ll want to add to your kitchen. A vintage blend of butterflies, roman numerals and a lovely floral pattern make for an eye-catching piece.

6. Butterfly Kitchen Curtains

Whether it’s Farmhouse Chic or Victorian design you adore, these lightweight, machine washable curtains will add a touch of homespun embroidered whimsy to any kitchen window.

7. Butterfly Kitchen Runner

Dainty and elegant, this lovely applique table runner will add a touch of class. Made from cutwork embroidered linen, it makes a perfect addition to family get-togethers or festive spring time brunches.

8. Butterfly Kitchen Towels

These handmade embroidered kitchen towels are crafted from pre-washed, 100% cotton flour sack. Flour sack is super absorbable and so in addition to the charm of these towels, they are also very practical.

9. Butterfly Kitchen Utensils

Looking to bring a bit of the Ozark Mountains into your kitchen? Then you’re going to love these wood burned kitchen utensils. This six piece set is made from durable bamboo and hand engraved with dainty butterfly designs.

10. Butterfly Kitchen Wallpaper

What could be a better way to add that finishing touch to your kitchen than this simple to use and super cute butterfly wallpaper? Nothing! The peel and stick design adheres easily but is also pain free if you need to remove it in the future.

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