9 Buzzworthy Dragonfly Kitchen Decor Ideas

Dragonfly Kitchen Decor

Every time I see a dragonfly, I’m always amazed at their grace.

Long, svelte bodies glide through the air, held aloft by paper-thin, translucent wings. Their flights of fancy are truly one of Nature’s miracles.

For dragonfly lovers like me, it’s always fun to uncover new treasures and trinkets for the kitchen and that’s just what we’ve done for you.

This roundup of eclectic dragonfly kitchen accessories will leave you buzzing on a high of your own!

1. Dragonfly Kitchen Canisters

This three-piece canister canister set is hand-thrown, hand-glazed and adorned with lead-free pewter faceplates featuring dragonfly designs. Crafted by Oregon Stoneware Studio, they come in small (5.5″ tall), medium (7″ tall) and large (8.5″ tall).

Adding these will deliver a pop of color in a lighter kitchen.

Note that these canisters do not feature an airtight seal so if you’re thinking of using them for food storage, they might not be the best choice.

This handmade container features a dragonfly design set against a dazzling background of gold and red. Made from glass, the container has a 40 ounce capacity and is 7″ tall. If you’re using the container for storage, the lid and threads are made from durable and attractive brushed nickel. With its fiery appearance and utility, this canister will make a fun addition to any kitchen.

2. Dragonfly Kitchen Curtains

Whimsical dragonflies colored in black and turquoise adorn these decorative kitchen curtains. They’re fashioned from tight woven polyester that offers both durability and a silky, satiny feel. The dragonfly designs take an almost 3D appearance which and will definitely be a conversation starter!

Handmade elegance will greet you every time you walk into your kitchen with these sheer pastoral dragonfly curtains. A tranquil scene of dragonflies dancing atop a row of flowers are sure to add a smile to your face. Made from polyester, they’re machine washable and very easy to care for.

3. Dragonfly Kitchen Handles

You’ll love the handcrafted detail of these fun dragonfly handles! Fashioned in a retro style, they are made of sold brass and will add brilliant shine to lighter colored kitchen cabinets. They are big enough to grab hold of at 3″ in length and width but not so big that they overwhelm the eye. Screws are included with the handles as well.

4. Dragonfly Kitchen Mat

While no one loves doing dishes, having this vibrant yellow dragonfly adorned mat at your side will make the process a lot more enjoyable! With ample dimensions of 14″ x 21″, there’s plenty of room to scrub away. They’re made from a durable polyester face, polyurethane foam insert and polyester mesh lining and of course, it’s completely water absorbent so you don’t have to worry about making a mess of the kitchen counter.

6. Dragonfly Kitchen Rugs

After a long day on your feet at work, the last thing you want to do is come home and stand barefoot on your cold kitchen tile. With this microfiber, water and wear resistant kitchen rug, you can handle all your kitchen chores in comfort.

7. Dragonfly Kitchen Tiles

Nothing makes a kitchen unique quite like the backsplash tile you select and you’d be hard pressed to find a design more eye-catching than this one. Fashioned in the Craftsman style, these handmade tiles are individually brushed-glazed and fired in an electric kiln. Made from terracotta clay, they are easy to clean – simple wipe with soap and water and you’re done!

8. Dragonfly Kitchen Towels

Luxurious and absorbent, this bright and fanciful towel is made of a water absorbent blend of cotton, polyester and microfiber. Generously sized at 15″ x 25″, it features a triple shear construction that eliminates the snagging and scratching you so often find present in microfiber towels.

9. Dragonfly Kitchen Utensils

How fun are these? If you love baking, then these unique dragonfly utensils are a must have. Designed for testing cakes, they’re a handmade mix of stainless steel, crystals and an assortment of beads and charms with carved dragonflies on top!

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