20 Elephant Kitchen Decor Ideas

Elephant Kitchen Decor

Want to make your kitchen decor something to remember? What would be better than the animal that never forgets?

We’ve got a great roundup of elephant kitchen accessories you’re going to love. If it’s got a trunk and it’s kitchenware, it’s below!

1. Elephant Kitchen (Dish) Towels 

Simple and durable, that’s what makes for a towel set in the kitchen. From wiping down messy countertop spills to drying off those last few water spots from a just finished dish washing cycle, these cotton pachyderms can really soak it all in.

2. Elephant Beverage Server

Host your next party with a touch of flair with this one-of-a-kind server. You’ll delight your guests and keep the beverages flowing, courtesy of this unique design. There are trunks everywhere you look, all handcrafted out of durable aluminum.

3. Elephant Kitchen Roll (Paper Towel) Holder

This paper towel holder is adorned with an ornate floral base that sweeps upward into a majestic animal. Add a touch of class to your countertop with this sand cast aluminum beauty.

4. Elephant Cake Stand

Whether you’ve got a birthday celebration, holiday or family get together, what better way to show off your dessert making skills than with a unique cake stand. The only challenge is making a sweet treat worthy of it!

5. Elephant Kitchen Canisters

Kitchen storage, we always need more of it, right? Well, with these handy canisters, you can keep counter clutter to a minimum.

6. Elephant Corkscrew

Wine o’clock. Do you celebrate it? If so, check out this super cute corkscrew! The head and trunk serve as the handle while the tail is the screw – aww!

7. Elephant Kitchen Curtains

For the truly elephant obsessed out there, you’ll want to check out these out. I’ve only grabbed a sample of what’s out there. The options are just about endless for curtains. Who knew?

8. Elephant Cutlery Drainer

Tired of jamming silverware down in the sink? If so, this handy cutlery drain might be perfect for you. Stop scrubbing and let your sink side pal do the heavy work instead.

9. Elephant Kitchen Table

Technically, I wouldn’t consider this a kitchen table, but for novelty items, sometimes you gotta take what you can get. 

10. Elephant Kitchen Timer

Set it and forget it with this adorable timer. Accurate and easy to use, this decorative accessory makes the perfect addition to any chef’s kitchen.

11. Elephant Napkin Holder

While it’s rare to see napkin holders in the wild these days (think restaurants, etc.), I remember seeing one in every single home we had growing up. Not only that, but so did all of my friends. And why not? It’s a hassle free for mom to make sure sticky fingers are cleaned before leaving the table.

12. Elephant Kitchen Mat (Rug)

Here’s something to add a little whimsy to your kitchen. These mats are colorful and can even be personalized. How cool is that?

13. Elephant Kitchen Apron

This apron has it all – color, durability and utility. Bright and bold, the patterns and shapes make you feel like you’ve come in from the savannah to make your family’s next meal.

14. Elephant Sponge Holder

Let’s face it – sponges are gross. Unfortunately, they are also a necessity. But just because you have to use one, that’s no reason not to add a bit of flair with this adorable sponge holder.

15. Elephant Cutting Board

It doesn’t matter if you’re chopping, dicing, or slapchopping! Anyone remember that old commercial? It was hilarious, but alas; I digress. This all wood elephant shaped board features custom carving and an easy to clean surface.

16. Elephant Salt & Pepper Shakers

Passing the salt and pepper will never be the same when you add this fun accessory to your kitchen. Lovely design and quality construction means you can enjoy it for years to come.

17. Elephant Wine Rack

Sustainably produced and hand crafted from monkey pod wood, this one-of-a-kind wine holder design will be a conversation starter in any home. 

18. Elephant Placemat

Your little ones will love mealtime with this playful placemat. It’s easy to clean and designed to help children with their tactile senses!

19. Elephant Fruit Bowl

Apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, pears, plums, peaches and so on. Any or all of these would look fantastic in this decorative bowl.

20. Elephant Snack Bowl

Whether it’s chips, nuts, trail mix, cookies or crackers, whatever goodies you add to this snack bowl will be gobbled up in no time!

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