Eskimo Pie vs Klondike Bar – A Frozen Treat Fight

Eskimo Pie vs Klondike Bar

Ice cream lovers everywhere have long debated the merits of two popular frozen treats: Eskimo Pies and Klondike Bars.

While both desserts are delicious, they have distinct differences that set them apart. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Eskimo Pies vs Klondike Bars and explore what makes each one unique.

We’ll be talking about all the differences but the main difference between them is Eskimo Pie has a light and refreshing vanilla ice cream with a crunchy chocolate coating, while Klondike Bar has a sweeter ice cream with a thicker, more intense chocolate coating.

With that said, let’s get in to the details and learn more about these iconic frozen treats!

Difference in History

Christian Kent Nelson, a schoolteacher from Onawa, Iowa, had a dream of creating a new kind of frozen treat. After experimenting with various recipes, he combined vanilla ice cream with a chocolate coating and created the first-ever Eskimo Pie in 1920. It was an instant hit and Nelson knew he was onto something big.

Two years later, in 1922, Nelson partnered with businessman Russell Stover to bring Eskimo Pie to the masses. Initially known as “I-Scream Bars,” the name was later changed to “Eskimo Pie” after a suggestion from Stover’s wife, Clara. The frozen treat became a sensation across the country and was loved by many.

Over the years, Eskimo Pie underwent several changes and rebrandings. In 1992, it was acquired by Nestle, and in 2021, Dryer’s (the new owner) announced that the name had been changed to “Edy’s Pie” in honor of one of the company’s founders, Joseph Edy. Nevertheless, many people still refer to the beloved treat as Eskimo Pie to this day.

In the early 1920s, the Isaly Dairy Company invented the Klondike bar, which was named after Canada’s Klondike River.The rights to the name were later sold to Good Humor-Breyers, and the bars are generally wrapped with a silver-colored wrapper featuring a polar bear mascot. Unlike other frozen ice pops or ice cream bars, the Klondike bar is too big to include a stick.

In 1976, Henry Clarke bought the rights to the Klondike bar from Isaly’s and increased sales from $800,000 to $60 million. In 1986, Kraft Foods was prohibited from using a wrapper similar to Klondike’s and in 1988, Kraft settled a trademark dispute with Ambrit Inc. for $8.5 million.

Eskimo Pie Klondike Bar
Creator Christian Kent Nelson, a schoolteacher from Onawa, Iowa The Isaly Dairy Company
Year 1920 Early 1920s
Name Origin Changed from “I-Scream Bars” to “Eskimo Pie” Named after Canada’s Klondike River
Ownership Acquired by Nestle in 1992 Rights sold to Good Humor-Breyers
Rebranding Changed name to “Edy’s Pie” in 2021 Wrapped with a silver-colored wrapper featuring a polar bear
Stick N/A Does not include a stick like other frozen treats

Flavor and Variety Differences

Eskimo Pie has been around since 1921 and has evolved over the years. However, unlike its competitor, Klondike Bar, Eskimo Pie has limited flavors and varieties.

Currently, Eskimo Pie only comes in vanilla flavor.

Klondike Bar, on the other hand, offers a wide range of flavors and varieties. Some of the most popular flavors include:

In addition to their various flavors, Klondike Bar also offers a range of varieties such as:

Their bars come in different sizes and shapes, from classic rectangular bars to round bars and even bars with a crispy chocolatey coating.

Klondike Bar also offers sugar-free, gluten-free and Kosher options for those with dietary restrictions.

Overall, Klondike Bar offers a wider range of flavors and varieties compared to Eskimo Pie, making it a more versatile option for those looking for a frozen treat.

Taste and Texture Differences

Eskimo Pie has been a favorite ice cream treat for more than 90 years.

The chocolate coating and vanilla ice cream make it a classic combination. The texture of the ice cream is smooth and creamy, which complements the crunchy chocolate coating. The chocolate coating is thick and adds a satisfying crunch to the ice cream.

The vanilla ice cream has a light and refreshing taste that is perfect for hot summer days. The ice cream is not overly sweet, which allows the chocolate coating to shine through. The combination of the chocolate and vanilla flavors is well-balanced and creates a delicious treat.

For a strict comparison, we’ll compare the traditional Klondike Bar as opposed to all the varieties they offer.

The Klondike Bar has a stronger chocolate flavor than Eskimo Pie. The chocolate coating is thicker and has a more intense flavor. The ice cream is also slightly sweeter than Eskimo Pie, which may appeal to those who prefer sweeter desserts.

Eskimo Pie Klondike Bar
Ice Cream Smooth and creamy Slightly sweeter
Chocolate Crunchy and satisfying Thicker and more intense
Flavor Light and refreshing with a well-balanced flavor Stronger chocolate flavor
Sweetness Not overly sweet, allowing the chocolate to shine Slightly sweeter
Overall Taste Classic combination that’s delicious and well-balanced More indulgent and chocolate-forward with a crunch
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