Spooky Good Treats: 10 Halloween Macaron Flavors

Halloween Macaron Flavors

Ever since I was a kid, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. From dressing up in costumes to the adventure of trick or treating, those are some of the best childhood memories I have.

Aside from all the fun, there’s one thing that I’ve always associated with Halloween each year and that’s an onslaught of tasty treats!

While my taste buds have refined since my trick or treating days, I still look forward to this time of year. That’s especially true since Halloween also serves to kickoff the rest of the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas both on the horizon – yum!

As you can probably guess, my love of sweets has faded little over the years but instead of candy, I’m much more interested in trying a new spin on traditions.

My guess is that you are also, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading about some ideas we’ve uncovered for delectable Halloween macaron flavors.

That’s right, we’ve got a delightful bunch of ideas for you in this article. They’re not only delicious and easy to make but we wanted to be sure that each one blended with the classic Halloween colors.

So not only will your guests love them, but they’ll add a decorative flair to any get together.

If you’re ready, let’s get started on our tour of some spooky good macaron options!

Blood Orange Macarons

Blood oranges add a bold and unique flavor to your macarons, perfect for Halloween. The vibrant red color will make a striking addition to your dessert table.

Blood oranges have a natural Halloween vibe to them. The dark crimson flesh of the fruit is the perfect color for fright night and the creative genius at Mike Bakes NYC seems to agree!

Check out these vibrant, festive cookies! The orange color is created by using blood oranges (of course), adding an eerie twist to the classic dessert. Not only that, but you get to double up on the blood orange goodness with a decadent blood orange buttercream center as well.

Blackberry Macarons

The deep, rich color of blackberries adds an element of Halloween eve to any macaron recipe.

Imagine the kids getting ready for the big event. Outside the sun sets, filling the sky with late fall hues of purple – just like these scrumptious cookies from Nerdy Mamma.

The oh-so-creamy white chocolate blackberry ganache filling adds a touch of class to the sweet, chewy macaron shells, making every bite a delightful combination of flavors.

These will go fast, so make plenty!

Blackcurrant Macarons

Blackcurrants aren’t a berry that you find in many recipes, but for embodying the spirit of Halloween, it’s hard to find a better candidate.

Blackcurrants have a unique and complex flavor. In its natural state, some describe it as “grapelike” but more acidic and even possessing hints of cherry.

However, what works wonders is Cassis, which is a liqueur made from blackcurrant. That’s what this delightful recipe from Baking Mad uses to add a unique twist to your Halloween spread.

So, if you’re feeling a little adventurous this year, switch up your traditional Halloween treats and try these spooky, yet delicious macarons!

Black Cherry Macarons

We’ve got another juicy and delicious fruit that’s perfect for Halloween – black cherries!

You can’t go wrong with the double dose of spooky deep red color combined with a naturally rich and satisfying taste.

And this recipe for black cherry macarons from Bakers Royale has it all! These delicious cookies are a perfect balance – sweet, crisp macaron shells with the tangy black cherry filling.

So ditch the same old Halloween treats this year and give your taste buds a haunting experience they’ll never forget!

Dark Chocolate Macarons

Dark chocolate has a mystique all its own, which makes it the perfect choice for almost any Halloween treats – especially macarons.

If you’re a fan, then this recipe from Beyond the Butter has a rich and satisfying chocolate flavor that’s sure to be a hit at your ghostly gathering. Not only are they beyond scrumptious, but they’re beautiful to look at also!

But don’t let that discourage you from making a batch of these dark chocolate macarons on your own. The recipe is laid out in an easy step-by-step guide, which means you’ll have them ready just in time for the witching hour!

Chocolate Clove Macarons

Since chocolate is such a big part of Halloween, the list wouldn’t be complete without just one more chocolate recipe.

Don’t you agree?

Only this time, we’ve got a truly unique flavor combination that combines the warming flavor of milk chocolate with the spiciness of cloves.

Talk about a haunting combo!

This recipe from Diary of a Mad Haus Frau is truly a gourmet macaron feast for the senses. It’s nothing like you’d expect with ordinary Halloween treats and that’s a good thing!

The delightful clove cookie shell blends beautifully with the chocolate ganache filling. The cloves can be thought of as a transitional flavor since the spice features so heavily in holiday get togethers.

Saffron Orange Thyme Macarons

Saffron is a unique and exotic spice whose yellow color makes it a perfect choice for a festive Halloween cookie treat and that’s exactly what we’ve found over at Little Sugar Snaps.

Delicious and so pretty to look at, these elegant saffron orange thyme macarons will add an air of distinction to your Halloween dessert spread. The crisp, crunchy shell to reveal a soft, chewy center bursting with autumnal flavor mix of orange, saffron and earthy thyme.

You can’t go wrong with this one – who doesn’t love a dessert that’s as pretty as it is delicious?

Cardamom Macarons

Cardamom is a lot like cinnamon because it possesses a warmth and complexity to it.

Not only that, but it’s got a distinctive flavor that just reminds us that the seasons are changing and there’s no better reminder of that than Halloween.

For anyone that loves the taste of this unique spice, this cardamom macaroon recipe on Archana’s Kitchen is a must-try!

Each bite delivers a cozy autumn feel, making them a perfect treat to enjoy on a chilly Halloween night. Give your taste buds something different this year and Halloween will be the same again!

Hazelnut Macarons

Hazelnuts are a classic holiday flavor and the basis for all kinds of sweets.

And for good reason!

Hazelnuts provide a special rich and buttery texture that really is unmatched. Of course, they are perfect for Halloween, since so many of our favorite candies and treats have hazelnuts in them.

But have you ever considered hazelnut macarons?

If not, well then the recipe we’ve got for you from Let the Baking Begin is one you’ve got to try. These sweet and nutty treats are the perfect addition to any Halloween dessert lineup. 

The combination of rich, buttery hazelnut filling and sweet, delicate macaron shells is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages!

Black Sesame Macarons

Rounding out our list of Halloween macaron flavors is something both unexpected and delicious – black sesame!

It’s probably not something you’d ever consider, but these unique seeds are versatile and tasty.

And of course, what would any Halloween dessert spread be without a black-as-night treat?

Aside from the delightful taste, the thing that’s most striking about these black sesame macarons from Honest Cooking is their all black appearance. They fit in perfectly with any Halloween festivities you’ve got in mind and trust us when we say they’ll easily be the star of the show.

Impress your friends (and treat yourself) with these sinister-looking but oh-so-decadent cookie treats and make it a Halloween to remember!

Flavor Description
Blood Orange Macarons Vibrant red macarons infused with the bold and unique taste of blood oranges. The blood orange buttercream center enhances the Halloween spirit of the dessert.
Blackberry Macarons Deep, rich-colored macarons made with blackberries, adding a touch of Halloween elegance to the dessert. The white chocolate blackberry ganache filling adds a touch of sophistication.
Blackcurrant Macarons Macarons crafted with Cassis liqueur derived from blackcurrants, resulting in a unique and complex flavor. Perfect for those seeking an adventurous Halloween treat.
Black Cherry Macarons Macarons with a double dose of spooky deep red color and rich and satisfying taste of black cherries. The sweet, crisp macaron shells and tangy black cherry filling form a perfect balance.
Dark Chocolate Macarons Macarons featuring a rich and satisfying dark chocolate flavor, ideal for Halloween. Its mystique is unmatched and easy to make with a step-by-step guide.
Chocolate Clove Macarons Macarons with a unique blend of milk chocolate and spicy cloves, for a haunting Halloween treat that tantalizes the senses.
Saffron Orange Thyme Macarons Elegant yellow saffron flavored macarons with a hint of orange and earthy thyme. The crisp, crunchy shell and soft, chewy center explode with autumnal flavors.
Cardamom Macarons Macarons with a warming and complex flavor of cardamom, evoking the changing seasons and Halloween. A must-try for those who enjoy unique spices.
Hazelnut Macarons Hazelnuts offer a buttery texture that’s ideal for the Halloween season, being a popular flavor in many holiday sweets. Hazelnut macarons, are a delightful addition to your Halloween dessert table, with their nutty filling and sweet macaron shells appealing to people of all ages.
Black Sesame Macarons Black sesame is a unique and tasty ingredient that makes an excellent addition to any Halloween dessert spread. These black sesame macarons are a perfect fit for Halloween festivities, and are sure to steal the show with their decadent and sinister appearance.
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