Tootsie Role Tales: The Sweet Story Behind Their Name!

If you’re a fan of candy, chances are you’ve tasted a Tootsie Roll at some point. This chocolatey-flavored chewy candy is a popular treat that can be found in various forms, from trick-or-treating bags to assorted sweets jars.

Miss Buttercup's Sweet Tooth Gazette | Tootsie Role Tales: The Sweet Story Behind Their Name! Issue

However, have you ever wondered about the origin of the candy’s name?

Legend has it that Tootsie Rolls were named after the inventor’s daughter, Clara Hirshfield, who was affectionately called “Tootsie” by her father. This story may seem sweet, but there are many uncertainties surrounding the history of the candy’s name and origin.

In this article, we’ll explore the facts and myths behind the Tootsie Roll’s name.

Where did the name Tootsie really come from?

The name Tootsie has been attributed to different sources over the years. One popular story is that Leo Hirshfield, the founder of Tootsie Roll Industries, named the candy after his daughter Clara, whose nickname was Tootsie.

Miss Buttercup's Sweet Tooth Gazette | Tootsie Role Tales: The Sweet Story Behind Their Name! Issue

However, there is another theory that suggests the name came from a child mascot named “Tattling Tootsie” who was used to advertise a gelatin dessert called Bromangelon. Before the merger of Tootsie Roll and Stern & Saalberg, the latter had marketed its fruity gelatin dessert with the help of Tattling Tootsie in print advertisements.

Some people believe that Tattling Tootsie was named after a child actress or was simply a cartoon designed by a marketing team. Nevertheless, the name Tootsie Roll might have been a nod to the previous product.

It is unclear whether Hirshfield named the candy after his daughter or the Bromangelon mascot. However, the fact that Hirshfield invented both products adds another layer of complexity to the story.

Why Hirshfield Started a Second Company

The reason for Hirshfield creating a separate company to sell Tootsie Rolls is not entirely clear. Some have even claimed that Tootsie Rolls haven’t been around for as long as the company claims.

However, regardless of the reason, the merger with Stern & Saalberg proved to be successful for the business.

The company went public on the stock market in 1922. It changed its name to Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. in 1966. Today, the company produces other sweets like Andes Mints, Junior Mints, and Tootsie Pops.

The company now produces 64 million individually-wrapped Tootsie Rolls per day! This proves that the candy’s popularity has persevered over the years.

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