Sweeten Up Spring with 12 Tasty Macaron Flavors

Spring Macaron Flavors

Ahh, spring.

It’s that special time of year when you’ve been freed from the icy grip of winter at long last.

It’s the season that Mother Nature reinvents itself and if it’s good enough for her, then it’s certainly good enough for us!

And what better way to rejuvenate yourself than to start with your taste buds?

If you’ve already got a sweet tooth, then I’ve got the perfect thing for you to try during this special time of year – the delectable French macaron.

Whether you’re celebrating Easter, Mother’s Day or just the arrival of a new season, these cookies are not only scrumptious but they’re also available in a wide variety of spring-themed colors and flavors.

We’ve got everything you’d want in a fun (and tasty) treat for spring.

First up is a look at fruit-flavored macarons. Imagine biting into a fresh and fruity cookie. Each sweet bite is bursting with flavor and will remind you of a warm spring day and all the good things that come with it.

Then we’ll move on to macarons that have floral themes. And really, nothing says spring quite like fresh flowers, wouldn’t you agree? With a delicate texture and soothing flavor, the floral macarons we’ve chosen will transport you to a peaceful spring afternoon.

Rounding out our list are citrus macarons. Citrus-flavored cookies are perfect for spring. They’re tangy, fresh and sweet. Each refreshing bite of these unique flavors will wake up your taste buds – guaranteed! 

Fruit-Inspired Macaron Flavors

There’s something about fruit that makes it a perfect pairing with spring, wouldn’t you agree?

The delicious macarons we’ve got for you are infused with fresh fruit, giving them a sweet and tangy taste that perfectly captures the flavors of the season.

Whether it’s the tanginess of lemons you crave or the subtle sweetness of a plump, ripe peach, we’ve got a macaron for you.

Strawberry Lemonade Macarons

Strawberry lemonade macarons are a perfect balance of tangy and sweet. Close your eyes and imagine the powerful combination of juicy strawberries and a zesty twist of lemon exploding in your mouth with each bite.

Heck, you don’t need to imagine it because with this heavenly macaron recipe from the folks at Hug for Your Belly, you can experience it today!

Raspberry Chocolate Macarons

We all have those berry cravings occasionally, and that’s doubly true when the weather outside warms up. After all, there’s nothing as refreshing as the subtle sweetness of raspberries.

Actually, I stand corrected.

There’s at least one thing and that’s these scrumptious-looking raspberry and dark chocolate macarons from Cloudy Kitchen.

Blueberry Macarons

Blueberries aren’t just for muffins and pancakes! In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a fruit that’s more spring-like in its qualities than the delicately sweet blueberry.

If you love them as much as I do, then this incredible-looking recipe for blueberry macarons from Cambrea Bakes is worth checking out if for no other reason than they use blueberry ganache as a filling!

Peach Macarons

Peach macarons are a sweet and juicy treat that will transport you to a warm spring day. They remind you of summer and all the good things that come with it.

Peaches are usually thought of as a summer fruit, but these sweet and juicy treats make for a perfectly refreshing springtime macaron flavor.

With every delectable bite of this recipe from The Tipsy Macaron, you’ll get that warmth that only spring can provide.

Apricot Macarons

Apricots make for a perfect macaron cookie. Their sweet and tangy flavor are the perfect representation of spring which also is when apricot trees bloom.

Now you can savor this beloved sweet fruit from Chef Eddy Van Damme in his signature apricot macaron recipe.

Flavor Description
Lemon-Strawberry Macarons A harmonious blend of tanginess and sweetness, the macarons are infused with the taste of fresh strawberries and lemons.
Raspberry-Chocolate Macarons A perfect combination of raspberries and dark chocolate that satisfies your cravings for something sweet and refreshing.
Blueberry Macarons The delicate sweetness of blueberries is captured in these macarons, which are filled with a blueberry-flavored ganache.
Peach Macarons These macarons are infused with the sweet and juicy flavor of peaches, bringing to mind warm spring days.
Apricot Macarons The sweet and tangy taste of apricots is the perfect representation of spring, and these macarons capture that flavor perfectly.

Floral-Inspired Macaron Flavors

Next to fruit, the aroma of fresh flowers wafting through the air is one of the first signs that spring has truly sprung.

When it comes to macarons, floral-inspired recipes impart a delicate and flavorful taste that mimics the same delicate floral scents.

Besides being delicious, floral macarons add a touch of elegance and refinement to any occasion!

Rose Macarons

Rose is one of the most popular flavors of macarons and it’s easy to see why. Every bite will remind you of a garden in full bloom, peaking at just the right time.

Now, you can experience that feeling with each luxurious bite of these raspberry rose macarons from Bakes and Blunders.

Jasmine Tea Macarons

Jasmine is a delicate and unforgettable scent, sweet and fragrant and reminiscent of an early spring bloom.

The taste of jasmine flowers in bloom is hard to replicate, but these macarons from Manu’s Menu come close to capturing that essence.

Lilac Macarons

Lilacs are delicate and beautiful flower with an unmistakable aroma. You might think that capturing the subtle notes of this bloom would prove difficult for baking.

However, that’s not the case with this delightful recipe from Diary of a Mad Hausfrau that even uses blossoms from the lilac and a handcrafted lilac syrup!

Flavor Description
Rose Macarons Capture the essence of a garden in full bloom with the luxurious taste of rose.
Jasmine Tea Macarons Experience the sweet and fragrant taste of jasmine flowers in these macarons.
Lilac Macarons Indulge in the delicate and beautiful taste of lilacs in these unique macarons.

Citrus-Inspired Macaron Flavors

Last on our list, but certainly not least, are citrus-inspired macarons.

Unlike the previous examples of lighter flavors we’ve shared, there’s nothing shy about the refreshing tanginess that citrus offers.

Your taste buds will spring into action (pun intended) with each bite of these tasty treats. A refreshing zing of flavor will greet you with each bite you take of the cookies we’ve got in store!

Lemon Macarons

Pucker up and savor the bright flavor of lemon macarons. If you are a lemon lover, then this recipe from Chelsweets is not only easy to make, but absolutely delicious!

Zesty Lime Macarons

Topical and tangy, limes are perfect for a springtime macaron recipe. What’s more refreshing than freshly squeezed lime juice to brighten up almost any dessert – especially macarons.

If the idea of a lime-infused macaron sounds like a “must have” for you, then this recipe for zesty lime macarons from Julie Marie Eats is worth a look!

Honey Grapefruit Macarons

Grapefruit isn’t just a boring diet breakfast food! It’s refreshing and pleasingly tart, which makes it ideal for a spring-inspired macaron.

And I can promise you that with this heavenly recipe for honey grapefruit macarons from Mostly Sourdough, you’ll swear it’s springtime in your mouth!

Orange Macarons

Oranges are a universally beloved fruit. Many people around the world start their day with a glass of orange juice to fuel them up and get them going. The naturally sweet and juicy flavor is reminiscent of a warm spring morning.

For those of you who love this timeless fruit, then this orange macaron recipe from Veena Azmanov has your name written all over it. Delightfully sweet, it features a decadent blend of orange curd, marmalade, and buttercream!

Flavor Description
Lemon Macarons A bright and tangy flavor with a punch of lemon.
Zesty Lime Macarons A refreshing and zesty macaron with a lime infusion.
Honey Grapefruit Macarons A unique blend of honey and grapefruit for a tangy taste.
Orange Macarons A sweet and juicy flavor, reminiscent of a warm spring morning.
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