Sizzling Summer Sweets – 9 Macarons That Beat the Heat

Summer Macaron Flavors

At long last, spring has given way, summer has arrived, and it’s time to celebrate!

What better way to do it than to embrace the sweet and refreshing macaron flavors that come with the season.

Oh, you didn’t realize there were summer macaron flavors?

Well, sit back and relax because you’re going to love what we’ve got in store for you.

It’s an all-macaron, all summer long, taste bud celebration that showcases a wide variety of macaron options you can try.

Join us as we take you on a journey from the garden to the tropics and back again.

From watermelon and mandarin orange to basil and cucumber, each flavor is unique and absolutely delicious.


Fruity Macaron Flavors

Fruit makes the perfect summer treat – it’s naturally light, sweet and refreshing. Now imagine capturing this every bite of a tasty fruit-flavored macaron. If that sounds great to you, then keep reading.

Watermelon Macarons

Watermelons are always one of the most popular summer fruits. They’re perfect for BBQ or as a kid-friendly poolside treat and much more. The naturally refreshing flavor makes them a perfect choice as a macaron.

This mouthwatering recipe will make you think you’re eating real watermelon with each bite of this tasty macaron from Baking Forever. The reason it will seem that way is that it has real watermelon juice as an ingredient!

Mandarin Orange Macarons

Mandarin oranges are prized for their taste and juiciness. They’re slightly sweeter (and less acidic) than traditional oranges and their smaller size makes them a fun bite-sized summer treat.

If you already love these delectable diminutive fruits, then this recipe for mandarin orange macarons from Cambrea Bakes is something you should check out. If you can imagine biting into a cookie equivalent of an orange cream sicle, then this is for you!

Fruity Macaron Flavors Description
Watermelon Macaron A summer fruit inspired treat with a naturally refreshing flavor, reminiscent of eating a real watermelon
Mandarin Orange Macaron A bite-sized summer treat with a delicious, slightly sweeter and less acidic taste compared to traditional oranges

Floral Macaron Flavors

Summer is the time of year when gardens are in full bloom. Imagine strolling though rows of brilliant flowers and with each step delicate, sweet scents waft through the air capturing your attention and imagination. Now you can enjoy some of those same feelings with floral-flavored macarons!

Violet Macarons

Unique and floral, violet-flavored macarons are perfect for a summertime treat. However, as delightful as the idea of them sounds, you might not think that making them would be easy. 

But trust us, it is! Especially when you use this yummy-looking recipe from the good folks at Tartlette. These cookies feature a double dose of violet goodness thanks to a combination of violet buttercream and crushed violet sugar.

Elderflower Macarons

Elderflowers have a unique scent profile. Some have described it as a blend of musty spice with lingering hints of honey, sweet acacia, and even hay!

To us, elderflowers embody all that is truly wondrous about the floral summer gifts Mother Nature bestows upon us. If you share the same appreciation for them as we do, then this delightful macaron recipe (featuring a fruity elderflower jam) from Posh Little Designs is definitely worth trying!

Floral Macaron Flavors Description
Violet Macaron Delightful summer treat with a unique floral flavor, featuring the delicate taste of violets
Elderflower Macaron A summer treat embodying the unique scents of summer with a fruity flavor profile inspired by elderflowers

Herbal Macaron Flavors

Fresh herbs are universally associated with summer. Without them, many of our summertime favorite meals just wouldn’t be the same. If you thought that they weren’t meant for sweet treats like macarons, think again because we’ve dug deep and found some that every self-respecting herb lover has to try!

Basil Macarons

A naturally savory yet refreshing herb, basil adds a pop of flavor to any dish. When sweetened, this herbal favorite takes on a completely new dimension of flavor.

There’s no better example of this than this otherworldly recipe for lemon basil macarons from Cloudy Kitchen. Delectable cookies sandwich a lemon curd-like lemon and basil cream center – yum!

Cucumber Macarons

Cucumbers are light, cool and perfect for summer staples like salads, or even better used with a creamy, refreshing dip.

But, have you ever considered using them in a macaron?

If you love them like we do, then maybe you should. That’s doubly true when you see this triple threat, whimsical recipe for white chocolate, lime and cucumber macarons

Herbal Macaron Flavors Description
Basil Macarons A savory and refreshing herb, basil adds a unique flavor when sweetened in macarons.
Cucumber Macarons Cucumbers, known for their light and cool taste, bring a fresh twist to macarons when paired with white chocolate, lime and cucumber.

Berry Macaron Flavors

Berries of all types are not only synonymous with all things summer, but have long made some of the most scrumptious macaron flavors of all. As you’ll see, the treats we have in store for you are no exception!

Blackberry Macarons

Tart and slightly sweet, blackberries are a summer classic. What’s more delectable than a slice of homemade blackberry pie or blackberry ice cream?

I’ll tell you what… these super tasty blackberry lavender macarons from Barley and Sage! If it’s blackberry you crave, then this recipe is loaded. A decadent combination of lavender buttercream and blackberry jam will make these an unforgettable cookie memory.

Berry Macaron Flavors Description
Blackberry Macarons Tart and sweet, made with blackberry jam and lavender buttercream.

Tropical Macaron Flavors

Escape to a tropical paradise with every bite of our tropical macaron flavors. From sweet pineapple to tangy mango, our flavors will transport you to a tropical island.

Bring those tropical island feels to your next summertime get together. After all, what’s better than a summer vacation for your taste buds?

Pineapple Macarons

When it comes to tropical flavors, pineapple is often at the top of the list and that’s especially true in the dog days of summer! Every sweet and juicy bite you take cools you down and reinvigorates you at the same time.

Now if you can imagine getting those same feelings wrapped up in between two crispy cookies and a layer of pineapple jam buttercream frosting, wow, wow, wow! Head on over to My Love of Baking and check these out today!

Mango Macarons

Possessing a blend of natural decadence, the legendary sweet and slightly tangy taste of mangoes are about as close to a perfect summer fruit as you can get!

This crowd pleaser of a fruit also makes for a sublime macaron cookie as you’ll see when you head on over to Ellas Better Bakes and check out her super easy recipe. What makes these cookies so unforgettable is the pillowy filling which she’s crafted from a mango reduction blended with vanilla buttercream.

Tropical Macaron Flavors Description
Pineapple Macarons Sweet and juicy pineapple flavor between two crispy cookies with a pineapple jam buttercream frosting.
Mango Macarons Sweet and slightly tangy mango flavor with a pillowy filling made from a mango reduction blended with vanilla buttercream.
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