Who Makes Apple Pie Ice Cream? (2023 Brands)

Apple Pie Ice Cream Brands

Is there anything more scrumptious than a fresh slice of apple pie with a generous helping of ice cream?

Of course there is – apple pie ice cream!

Why no one thought of this idea 50 years ago I’ll never know but that doesn’t really matter since today we’ve got a lot of options to choose from with this perfect marriage of two beloved desserts.

However, for those of us who love the flavor of apple pie and ice cream mixed into a delicious creamy dessert, we also realize that it’s not always available. Sadly, apple pie ice cream is a notoriously seasonal or limited edition product, most often available during the summer and early fall.

But no matter because as lovers of this heavenly concoction, we won’t be defeated so easily!

Instead, we’ve done our best to uncover those apple pie ice cream brands that are available year round so you can find it when the cravings strike.

In cases where they aren’t or have been completely discontinued, we’ve got that information for you as well.

So, grab your spoon and let’s get to it!

Currently Available Apple Pie Ice Cream Brands

The list that follows are what we know to be year round apple pie ice cream brands. Of course, it’s always possible we’ve overlooked one or two, perhaps even a favorite of yours so please let us know if something’s missing and we’ll update it.

Homestead Creamery Apple Pie Flavored Ice Cream

Homestead Creamery sources the ingredients for its hand dipped apple ice cream from nearby locally owned dairy farms. Located in Virginia, the company sells its ice cream to grocery stores in the area and provides a store locator on its site.

Giant Eagle Cinnamon Caramel Apple Pie Ice Cream

This ice cream is private labeled under the Giant Eagle brand and is available at its stores in Indiana. While it contains real apples, it doesn’t list pie crust as an ingredient as some other brands but instead crunchy pieces of cinnamon vanilla.

Oberweis Apple Pie Ice Cream

Oberweis Dairy, located in Illinois, offers their version of apple pie ice cream at their retail locations or at area grocery stores year round. Their ice cream features flaky pie crust and real apple pie filling.

Revival Apple Pie Ice Cream

Revival Ice Cream is based in Northern California and offers a hand made apple pie ice cream featuring fresh roasted apples, and buttered streusel chunks. The apples are hand picked from local orchards and they also use organic milk and cream. It’s available year round in 3 pints, 6 pints or half gallon containers and can be ordered from the company’s website or at local grocery stores.

Limited Edition (or Seasonal) Apple Pie Ice Cream Brands

The ice cream listed below is typically available on a seasonal or limited time basis so you’ll need to check the company’s website for up-to-date information on their offerings.

Breyers Caramel Apple Pie Layered Dessert

This ice cream was a limited edition flavor Breyers released in 2020 but is currently not listed by the company on its website. However, even though there have been no updates from the company about when we can expect to see it back in stores, it is possible to find it some areas. To see if it’s available in a store close to you, please use the company’s store locator.

Talenti Caramel Apple Pie Gelato

If you’ve never had gelato, then you’re in for a treat because, as delicious and creamy as ice cream is, gelato takes that decadence to a completely new level! A seasonal offering, Talenti’s Caramel Apple Pie Gelato is made from cinnamon, real pie crust, apples, fresh milk and cream.

Discontinued Apple Pie Ice Cream Brands

The list below contains the apple pie ice cream brands we’ve been able to identify as discontinued. Sometimes this is permanent while in others the company has paused the flavor temporarily.

Whenever possible, we’ve attempted to get official confirmation from the company, but unfortunately, this information isn’t easy to come by.

Ben and Jerry’s Apple Pie Ice Creams

The company is well known for retiring ice cream flavors and even featured a graveyard of flavors that are no longer available. Sadly, for apple pie ice cream lovers, the company doesn’t have any apple pie inspired ice cream available at this time. The flavors they’ve had in the past are listed below.

  • Ben and Jerry’s American Apple Pie Ice Cream (Discontinued in 2007)
  • Ben and Jerry’s Apple-Y Ever After Ice Cream (Discontinued in 2005)
  • Ben and Jerry’s Oh My! Apple Pie! Ice Cream (UK flavor discontinued in 2012)

Edy’s (Dryer’s) Slow Churned Washington Apple Pie Light Ice Cream

This light ice cream featured cinnamon, pie chunks and apples from the State of Washington. As of October 2020, the company’s Twitter account announced it’s been discontinued.

Homemade Brand (United Dairy Farmers) Vanilla Apple Pie Ice Cream

Homemade Brand, owned by United Dairy Farmers, last released this flavor in 2018 as a seasonal flavor.

For those who are local to UDF stores in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, it has been reported that the flavor is occasionally available as a hand dipped item but as of right now; the product is not carried in any of their participating stores.

However, the company takes phone inquiries to help customers locate their products. You can reach them at toll free at (800) 833-1177 or visit their website’s contact page.

Great Value Apple Pie Ice Cream

This is Walmart’s private label brand that featured ribbons of apple butter and sugared cinnamon shortbread chunks. It was initially released in 2018, but at the time of this writing, it does not appear that the product is available.

Meijer Purple Cow Caramel Apple Ice Cream

Purple Cow is the private label ice cream brand operated by Meijer’s food. In 2014, it released its caramel apple pie for a limited time. There have been no updates from the company about when the product might return to its stores.

MyMochi Apple Pie a la Mode

Wrapped in a soft, sweet Japanese dough (glutinous rice flour), known as Mochi, this apple pie ice cream from MyMochi is available on a seasonal basis but has not been on the market since 2020. According to the company’s Twitter account, there are no immediate plans to make it a year round offering.

  • MyMochi Store Locator – https://www.mymochi.com/where-to-buy/
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