Yummy Apple Crisp, Straight from the Freezer?

Can You Freeze Apple Crisp?

What’s the best way to describe an apple crisp?

I mean, aside from being completely delicious!

If I had to sum it up, I’d say it’s kind of like apple pie’s low maintenance cousin.

It doesn’t need to look perfect by any means, so long as it’s crunchy, fruity and sweet. What’s great about this is that since the bar is lower on presentation, it should also make it easier to freeze.


Yes, you absolutely can freeze apple crisp and you can do it either before or after baking it! If properly stored, it can keep in the freezer for up to three months.

Unfortunately, a freshly baked apple crisp only lasts a couple of days without refrigeration and, with it, about five days. So, if you need to keep it longer, then freezing is really your only option.

Depending on which way you decide to go, you’ll need to follow some simple steps to ensure your dessert is as crispy as you expect, but with our handy, dandy tips, that should be no problem at all!

So, if you’re ready, let’s get right to it and get that crisp frozen the right way…

Is It Better to Freeze Apple Crisp Cooked or Uncooked? 

There really is no right or wrong answer to this question, since it will depend on your situation.

The benefit in freezing prior to baking is that you’re able to keep the ingredients separate if you wish. Another benefit is being able to go right from the freezer to the oven and wow your friends and family with the fresh baked deliciousness of your apple crisp.

On the other hand, freezing after baking might be the only option you have if you’ve already made or served your crisp and won’t be able to eat the rest of it anytime soon. The good news is that with proper storage, your dessert will be as tasty as the day you made it when the time comes to pop those leftovers into the oven.

Freezing Apple Crisp Before Baking

If you’re thinking of freezing before you bake, then you’ll have a couple of options on how to do it.

The first of these is to combine all the ingredients as if you were about to pop your crisp in the oven. The second option is to keep all ingredients stored separately in the freezer until you’re ready to bake the dessert.

Let’s look at each option along with their pros and cons.

Option 1 – Combine All Ingredients

For most of us, combining all the ingredients ahead of time is probably the best choice unless it really cramps you on freezer space.

The reason is simple, really. If you put everything together, seal and store it properly, then when the time comes to bake your crisp, you’ll just take it from the freezer and put it in the oven – no defrosting time required.


  • Combining all ingredients in a pan that is freezer and oven safe means less prep time later


  • Combining all ingredients into a baking dish will require significant space in most freezers

If you’ve combined everything, then prepare your apple crisp according to the recipe you’ve chosen. To make combining as efficient as possible, you’ll need to opt for a baking dish that is freezer safe as well as oven safe.

Some examples that could work would be dishes made of aluminum (or other metals), foil-based baking dishes or ceramic baking dishes. No matter which one you choose, just be sure the type you choose is safe for both freezer and oven. Otherwise, you’re going to have problems later.

Be certain that the dish is covered and sealed tightly. If you have an option to place it inside of an airtight, resealable container, even better.

Mainly you’re trying to prevent freezer burn and also the chances that your dessert could pick up unwanted odors lingering in your freezer.

Option 2 – Keep Ingredients Separate

If freezer space is scarce in your kitchen, it might leave you with no option but to separate all the ingredients for your apple crisp ahead of time.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing this. It just means a little extra work for you when the time comes to bake. The reason is you’ll need to allow time for some ingredients to defrost enough for you to combine and transfer them to a baking dish.


  • Storing ingredients separately saves space in your freezer
  • Storing ingredients separately may extend their shelf life


  • When the time comes to bake, you’ll need to assemble all the ingredients

To freeze the ingredients, you can opt for freezer safe, resealable plastic bags or resealable airtight containers.

As with the pre-assembled example above, your main goal is to limit the chances that the ingredients are impacted by freezer burn or by funky smells hiding in your freezer! 

Option Pros Cons
Combine All Ingredients Using a pan that is safe for both the freezer and oven for mixing all ingredients saves time during preparation later. The need for a large amount of freezer space will arise when all ingredients are placed into a baking dish.
Keep Ingredients Separate Keeping ingredients separate in the freezer can conserve space and potentially prolong their shelf life. Assembling all ingredients will be necessary when it’s time to bake.

Freezing Apple Crisp After Baking

When freezing a previously baked apple crisp, the most important thing you’ll need to do is ensure that the dessert has fully cooled, at least to room temperature.

The reason is that if you cover a warm apple crisp, seal it up and toss it in the freezer, you can be sure that any crispiness you had will probably be gone when you reheat it.


Because if there’s any heat left in the filling of the apple crisp, it will rise and become trapped in the crust. If it does, the crust will absorb it and when you try to reheat it, the crust will most likely turn into a mushy mess.

Once your dessert is sufficiently cooled, the next decision you’ll have to make is whether to freeze it all at once or divide it into portions.

Option 1 – Freeze the Entire Apple Crisp

Most of the time, freezing the whole dessert will probably be the simpler choice unless you have a large amount leftover and no immediate plans to eat it all in one sitting!

For the best results, transfer the crisp from the baking dish into an airtight, resealable container. As we mentioned earlier in the article, doing so will limit the impact of any freezer burn on your dessert and also the influence of any foul smells that might be hiding in your freezer.

Option 2 – Divide the Apple Crisp Into Portions

If you have a lot of apple crisp leftover or are the type of person who doesn’t mind reheating smaller portions, then dividing up a previously baked apple crisp before freezing might be a good idea for you.

How you portion it is up to you, but so long as you use containers that can be completely sealed, that’s the most important thing.

Option Pros Cons
Freeze the Entire Apple Crisp Simple and easy, no need to portion If you have a large amount leftover and no immediate plans to eat it all in one sitting
Divide the Apple Crisp Into Portions Good for reheating smaller portions, Can save space in freezer More work required to divide the crisp into portions

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