9 Cupcake Kitchen Decor Ideas Good Enough to Eat

Cupcake Kitchen Decor

Moist. Creamy. Delicious. Decadent.

Those are the first words that pop into my cupcake fevered brain whenever I think about this pillow-soft mix of cake and frosting all in a dangerously convenient bite-sized package.

But don’t worry because this lineup of cupcake kitchen accessories only looks scrumptious, we promise there’s not a single calorie involved.

Eating them aside, what could be more fun than paying homage to arguably one of the world’s most recognizable desserts and what better way to do it than by outfitting your very own cupcake themed kitchen.

So sit back, relax and indulge as we bring you some tasty-looking decor ideas!

1. Cupcake Kitchen Clock

I think all of us can relate to the sentiment on the face of this cute kitchen clock. While I wouldn’t exactly call my love of cupcakes obsessive, those that know me might feel differently. If this sums up your passion for them, why hide it when you can tell everyone what time it is instead?

Cupcake time!

2. Cupcake Kitchen Curtains

These curtains look almost good enough to eat! Generous helpings of pink, red and white cream frosting dance atop an assortment of freshly baked cupcakes. Toss in a glass of milk or a fresh cup of coffee and I’d call these a winner!

3. Cupcake Kitchen Knobs

Bright and bold, this super cute six pack of cupcake knobs will make any set of dreary drawers spring to life. They’re constructed from durable ceramic and includes mounting screws. You’ll never have to worry about them losing their brilliant finish either since they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

4. Cupcake Kitchen Mat

This decorative and colorful kitchen mat features a kaleidoscope of delights including cupcakes (of course), teacups and teapots. They’re a perfect way to add a bit of culinary fun to your kitchen design.

5. Cupcake Kitchen Rugs

Cozy up to your kitchen counter and rest your feet in style with this non-slip soft kitchen map adorned with a variety of tasty-looking cakes. It’s plenty big too measuring 39″ x 20″ so it’s great to catch errant spills.

6. Cupcake Kitchen Timer

For the truly cupcake obsessed, is there really another way to time the baking of your next batch? Not when you have these fun and delicious looking timers to help you get the job done. 

7. Cupcake Kitchen Towels

Why bother telling anyone about your passion for cupcakes when these pure rink spun cotton towels can do it for you? With a cute slogan, these super absorbent towels are big enough to keep your kitchen spotless measuring 28″ x 28″. They’re also easy to care for in any washing machine on the gentle cycle.

8. Cupcake Kitchen Utensil Holder

This all wood, handmade utensil holder will add a splash of color to that dreary corner of the countertop where your stainless steel utensil holder now lives.

Better yet, it can even personalized!

Switch it out for something fun and unique and never forget how much you love cupcakes again!

9. Cupcake Kitchen Wallpaper

What’s not to love about this whimsical wallpaper? Illustrations of scrumptious cupcakes adorn this pastel-colored paper and make a great addition to any kitchen wall.

Constructed of solid vinyl, this wallpaper is ready to peel and stick right away. It’s easy to clean and can even withstand a light scrubbing if needed. Best of all, it’s just as easy to take down – not that you ever would!

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