What Is Porcini Powder?

What Is Porcini Powder?

With its earthy, nutty and delicious flavor, Porcini mushrooms add a depth and richness to any meal.

While there’s nothing quite like fresh Porcini mushrooms, sometimes it’s difficult to get your hands on them so in situations like this, Porcini powder is a great alternative. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about your mushrooms going bad since Porcini powder has a very long shelf life – up to two years in most cases.

What’s more, for those with dietary concerns, Porcini mushroom powder is gluten-free and unless you have a mushroom allergy, are a perfectly healthy addition to any diet. So if you want all the flavor of Porcini mushrooms in a convenient form, then it is the ideal solution.

But what is Porcini powder and is it something you should to your pantry?

Porcini powder is made from dried porcini mushrooms that have pulverized, or ground up, into a fine powder. Once Porcini mushrooms are in powdered form, they can season sauces, soups, gravies or be added to ground meats like pork or beef. The uses of Porcini powder are limited only to your imagination but we’ve got some suggestions for you later on as well.

What Does Porcini Mushroom Powder Taste Like?

Savory and satisfying, Porcini mushrooms, like other types of mushrooms, posses a distinctive flavor known as umami.

If you’ve never heard the term umami before, it is a Japanese word that describes something having a savory, pleasant taste.

For anyone who’s had them before, you’re probably quite familiar with this special taste mushrooms possess.

What Is Porcini Powder Used For?

Porcini powder adds depth and richness to almost any recipe but savory ones are best thanks to the umami richness that makes mushrooms so unique.

Use as a base or for thickening sauces, soups, stews

Porcini powder has a distinct flour-like consistency to it that makes it an excellent thickening agent. Just stir some into your next creamy mushroom sauce and add another dimension of flavor to it.

Use to add flavor to breads and pastas

If you’re looking to add a fun twist to your next batch of fresh bread or homemade pasta, adding some Porcini powder to the dough can add a subtle but savory hint of flavor.

Use as a rub for steaks or other meats before grilling

Looking for a mouthwatering crust the next time you grill? If so, lightly coating your steak with olive oil and then dusting it with Porcini powder will deliver an unforgettable char that keeps the meat tender and flavor-filled inside.

How Do You Make Porcini Powder?

If you’d rather make your Porcini powder at home, it’s very simple to do. All you need is a coffee grinder (or food processor) and of course, some dried Porcini mushrooms. To ensure the best flavor possible, sort through them and remove any that look odd or funky.

Break the mushrooms that remain into pieces small enough to fit in your grinder. If you’re working with a large enough food processor, you can toss them in whole and pulse the blades, making the pieces smaller.

Once you’re ready, grind them in the coffee grinder or food processor for thirty seconds to a minute. There might be a bit of powder that gets airborne so wait for the powder to settle before opening the grinder.

After you’re done, transfer the powder to an airtight container and save for later use. Homemade Porcini powder will usually keep for about six months to a year.

Where To Buy Porcini Mushroom Powder

Porcini mushrooms can be scarce at most grocery stores. An alternative might be a gourmet food store in your area or if that fails, you can always buy some online. To help you, we’ve tracked down a few of the most popular ones.

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