Gobble, Gobble Up These 8 Thanksgiving Macarons

Thanksgiving Macaron Flavors

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating family and, of course, food!

For many of us, the traditional Thanksgiving classics like turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie are often present at the dinner table.

However, if you’re looking to try something a little different this year, especially for dessert, then we might have just the thing you’re looking for – macarons!

That’s right, those dainty and delectable French cookies are a perfect addition to any turkey day dessert spread.

To help give you some ideas, we’ve tracked down some of the tastiest Thanksgiving-themed macaron recipes anywhere!

So let’s get right to it!

Who knows, some of these tasty treats might find their way to your Thanksgiving festivities for years to come.

Cranberry Orange Macarons

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without cranberry sauce. There’s something about the sweet and slightly tart flavor that goes perfectly with savory sides like mashed potatoes and turkey gravy.

If you can’t imagine a proper Thanksgiving dinner without it, then you’re going to flip over this super tasty looking recipe for cranberry orange macarons from The Toffee Kitchen.

The chewy texture of the cranberry cookie is a wonderful contrast to the orange buttercream filling. Not only is it delicious, but the bright colors of the macarons will add a pop of color to your holiday table.

They’re easy to make, so why not give your guests a gourmet-level treat experience this year?

Pecan Pie Macarons

Growing up in the South, I can’t remember a single Thanksgiving where pecan pie wasn’t on the dessert menu and it’s easy to understand why.

The richness of pecans makes them perfect for desserts of all kinds – not just pie – and that’s doubly true for the classic French macaron.

Just imagine a decadent slice of pecan pie in cookie form and that’s exactly what you’ve got with this incredible-looking recipe from Artisanal Touch Kitchen!

A light and crispy shell surrounds a sweet and pecan pie filling, giving you a Thanksgiving dessert experience with every bite you take. Every mouthful will burst with flavors of brown sugar, maple syrup, and toasted pecans.

It’s a Thanksgiving dessert dream come true!

Cranberry White Chocolate Macarons

Cranberries are so synonymous with Thanksgiving, we’d be remiss if we didn’t have at least one more scrumptious choice for you to try.

And boy oh boy, do I ever have one!

This incredible recipe from The Sweet Occasion combines the tartness of cranberries with the smooth, creamy flavor of white chocolate to create a macaron like no other!

The crispy cookie shell is infused with fresh sweetened cranberries and a white chocolate buttercream, making for a delightful combination of flavors and textures.

Aside from being delicious, these macarons add a touch of elegance to any Thanksgiving dessert spread. You can’t go wrong with the taste (or appearance) of these unique and delightful treats.

So, if you’re looking for a new and exciting dessert to serve this Thanksgiving, these are worth a try!

Apple Cinnamon Macarons

What combination of flavors is more symbolic of the Thanksgiving season than the sweet, crisp flavor of apples paired with the warm, cozy flavor of cinnamon?

There isn’t one!

This classic flavor combos is perfect for those who love comforting, homey desserts. If you’re a lover of this tasty duo, then this sweet and spicy macaron treat from Island Bakes is one you’ve got to try!

Each bite is like a slice of warm apple pie. They’re absolutely delightful and, of course, when they’re in the oven baking, your home will be filled with the warm and comforting scents of the season.

These delicate almond shell cookies are filled with a creamy apple cinnamon filling, making for a perfect balance of flavors.

Ginger Pear Macarons

Pears have a subtle natural sweetness that makes it a perfect pair for the warm, spicy flavor of ginger. When combined, they produce a magical flavor combination which perfectly matches the spirit of a heartwarming Thanksgiving meal.

That’s what makes this recipe from Diary of a Mad Hausfrau such a perfectly sweet choice for a decadent (and unique) holiday macaron.

These delicate ginger-spiced cookies sandwich a smooth layer of pear preserves and make a great addition to your holiday table as a sweet treat or a festive dessert.

If you’re looking for a unique and delicious dessert option, these macarons are it!

Vanilla Almond Macarons

For you nut lovers out there, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too!

First up… almonds!

Naturally light and slightly nutty, almonds are used in all kinds of traditional Thanksgiving recipes and that’s definitely true of the classic French macaron as well.

In fact, this recipe from Sprinkles for Breakfast, is a perfect representation of how delightful they can be.

Even better, it’s a simple and straightforward recipe that results in a light and airy macaron shell with a creamy vanilla buttercream center.

Your guests will be amazed at these sophisticated treats. With their delicate texture and sweet flavor, Thanksgiving will never be quite the same again!

Pistachio Raspberry Macarons

Continuing on our exploration of nut-inspired Thanksgiving options, we’ve got one of my all-time favorites – pistachios!

Pistachios have a strong flavor on their own, but this recipe for pistachio raspberry macarons from The White Whisk perfectly balances them with the inclusion of raspberries. The result is a flavor profile that combines the crunchy texture of the pistachio with the tart flavor of fresh raspberries to create a perfectly balanced treat.

If you’re looking for a contrast to the traditional pies and cakes, this is the recipe you’ve been waiting for! With their delicate, light texture and bright colors, they make a beautiful addition to your holiday spread.

Want to impress your friends and family this Thanksgiving, be sure and give these a go!

Macadamia White Chocolate Macarons

We’re finishing up with what many consider the smoothest and creamiest nut of all – the delightful macadamia nut.

Like pistachios, macadamia nuts have a distinctive flavor on their own but when combined with the creamy smoothness of white chocolate, you get a taste combo unlike any other!

In addition to being tasty, these French cookies from Persialou make for a visually stunning addition to your Thanksgiving dessert spread. A beautiful white exterior is symbolic of crossing into the winter season. They’re guaranteed to surprise and delight your guests this year.

In terms of flavor, pairing the creamy white chocolate with the nutty crunch of macadamia nuts makes for a memorable dessert delight!

Flavor Description
Cranberry Orange Macarons Perfectly complements savory sides with its sweet and slightly tart flavor
Pecan Pie Macarons Pecans are perfect for desserts, creating a Thanksgiving dessert dream come true
Cranberry White Chocolate Macarons A delightful combination of cranberry tartness and white chocolate smoothness
Apple Cinnamon Macarons Classic flavor combo of sweet apples and warm cinnamon, comforting and homey
Ginger Pear Macarons The warm, spicy flavor of ginger pairs perfectly with the subtle sweetness of pears
Vanilla Almond Macarons Light and nutty, almonds are a traditional ingredient for Thanksgiving desserts
Pistachio Raspberry Macarons Balances the crunchy texture of pistachios with the sweetness of raspberries
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